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DollsVilla by Liliane® in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, GP and therapy practices 2024



BY Liliane Limpens jULY 11, 2024


Medical Orthopedagogical Center 't Kabouterhuis Amsterdam-west lets us know how we like the DollsVilla in practice: “First of all, what a beautiful design and what a good initiative to create a gender-neutral dollhouse. A dollhouse where children can (re)create their own world.”


“How nice that parents and children enter the reception room with a mega-large wooden dollhouse! This immediately attracts the attention of the little guppies who sometimes have to wait a while. At the Kabouterhuis, we talk often with the parents about the importance of playing together with their child. How good this is for the development of the children and for the relationship between parent and child. This is now possible immediately upon arrival! The house offers enough space for more children with a parent to play.”


“The DollsVilla is made of sustainable material and the calm, neutral appearance stimulates the imagination, discovery and creative skills of the young children who come to us. And pleasant for our children who can be sensitive to stimuli. The size of the Doll Villa encourages children to play while moving, it stimulates their development in several ways. Crawling, bending over, reaching up in all corners and on all sides there is something to experience. The residents of the DollsVilla may vary; Barbie dolls, soft cuddly toys or cars that can be parked. This means that it fits in with the different interests and development levels of our different children.”


“We see many happy faces in the reception area due to the arrival of the DollsVilla. Very nice for parents who can now wait for their appointment in a positive way. Where children used to be regularly offered a screen during waiting moments, we now see that playing with this fantastic dollhouse wins!”

To house their most important emotions.

Medical Orthopedagogical Center 't Kabouterhuis offers help and support from 8 locations to young children [0 - 7 years] with developmental delays, educational or psychiatric problems. In close collaboration with their parents or guardians.

't Kabouterhuis employs orthopedagogues, orthopedagogical staff, (clinical/health) psychologists, IMH specialists, psychotherapists, child psychiatrists, family counselors, paediatricians, speech therapists, child physiotherapists, nurses.



by Liliane Limpens June 19, 2024


In the Limburg Children's Valley, an adapted holiday home of the Ronald McDonald Children's Fund, care-intensive children and young people up to 25 years old can enjoy unlimited enjoyment. With family, friends or in a group. Or as a sleepover outing with their care assistant.


With thanks to foster mother Alice Rutten for the donation: "The Ronald McDonald holiday homes come with children who have been through a lot and I think the DollsVilla would come into their own wonderfully there and would contribute to recovery, relaxation, processing and fun."


The DollsVilla also lives in the Ronald McDonald houses Maastricht, Rotterdam and in the holiday homes Boshuus in Arnhem and Hoeve in Beetsterzwaag.

To house their most important emotions.



BY Liliane Limpens june 11, 2024

Child psychologists of the dutch GGMD in Veldhoven:

"The presence of the DollsVilla in our treatment and diagnostics room contributes positively to the treatment and diagnostics of the deaf and hearing-impaired children who come to GGMD in various ways:


1/ Given the problems of our target group (deaf/hard of hearing), it is often very helpful to be able to communicate with the children in an indirect, non-verbal way. With the help of the dolls in the DollsVilla, we or the child can portray situations or after playing. It is also very interesting to see how children play with the dolls in the DollsVilla on their own, this gives us extra information that is important for diagnosis and treatment.


2/ In addition, playing with the DollsVilla has positive effects on developing the skills of young children, creativity and imagination are stimulated, problem-solving skills are addressed. In addition, decorating and playing with the DollsVilla requires accuracy and patience, also the social skills are stimulated when playing together with the DollsVilla.


3/ Children can express and process their emotions through the dolls in the DollsVilla. For example, they can recreate a situation where they felt sad, happy or scared, providing a safe space to explore, understand or share these feelings. For children who are dealing with stress or are anxious about the treatment/diagnostic situation, playing with the DollsVilla can provide welcome relaxation and distraction.


"The DollsVilla helped us in Veldhoven, among other things, with the diagnostic process of Amman, who came as a shy, withdrawn 7-year-old boy with his parents. With the help of the dolls in the DollsVilla, he was eventually able to enthusiastically tell the researcher what his home situation looks like, how many brothers and sisters he has, where they sleep, what he likes to do at home and which pet he has. This was an important icebreaker to get in touch with the researcher. A little later he agreed that his parents would sit in another room for a while so that the examination could be conducted on him."

To house their most important emotions.



by Liliane Limpens June 3, 2024


The DollsVilla will contribute to the care line Development in Perspective of the Psychiatry department of the University Medical Center Utrecht. Disruption of child development is an important area of ​​expertise. Intensive diagnostics and [day] clinical treatments are offered to children aged 6-12 years with a seriously disturbed balance between vulnerability and strength, and their parents. In addition to the day program, there is room for a maximum of 8 children to 'stay over' per night.


The care line works together with the Professor Fritz Redl School, a school for special education [cluster IV], located on the grounds of the UMC Utrecht, where the child attends school for the duration of the treatment.

To house their most important emotions.



by Eva Lentjens-Sangers April 8, 2024


"When it became known that we were eligible for the 1st DollsVilla, we were immediately very enthusiastic and we still are. The DollsVilla is beautifully visible in the waiting area of ​​the Children's Treatment Center, which has now really created a place for children."


"When children come for the intake it is always exciting, but as soon as parents sit quietly on the couch opposite the DollsVilla, children start playing with the dolls and the doll house. From the secretariat we have a view of the DollsVilla and see children happily working on the interior and the dolls have also seen all kinds of interior adjustments. But the best thing is to see children relax and completely immerse themselves in playing."


"The 2nd DollsVilla is also a great asset to the children's treatment center, especially for early treatment (children aged 2 to 6 years). What fun the children in early treatment have already experienced from the new doll house! The dollsvilla is also of added value to challenge the children in their play development. It is also a nice eye-catcher for the group(s)."


Eva Lentjes-Sangers, team manager for early and part-time treatment of children Leo Kannerhuis Arnhem - Youz Parnassia.

To house their most important emotions.

The Children's Treatment Center Arnhem and the Amsterdam Outpatient Clinic offer specialized treatments for children with autism and other psychiatric and behavioral problems; if there is stagnation in the current treatment aimed at autism spectrum disorder and comorbid disorders and questions surrounding guidance, treatment and diagnosis.




by Liliane Limpens February 21, 2024


DollsVilla's 'on road' to the child psychiatrists and specialist youth mental health care workers from Accare in Drachten and Emmen, the Netherlands.


Currently, child care professionals in 45 mental health institutions in the Netherlands use the DollsVilla in their work, and it is even active on Bonaire within the Mental Health Caribbean Child. The villa has been an exceptional success within mental health care for children, as practical reviews show. Why the high rating?


First of all, the villa was built for children's favorite dolls, large dolls of 30 cm. This makes it much easier for them to build a bond than with the 10/12 cm mini dolls. The play furniture on wheels has a height of 1.30 m, so children do not have to stoop or make themselves smaller than they are. They can play standing up! A car ramp and the option to set up a garage makes the DollsVilla gender neutral. The sustainable design materials, such as stainless steel taps and granite counter- and bathroomtops, show 3D respect for the world of children. They feel that immediately.

More design motifs: Vision and mission.  

To house their most important emotions.


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