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DollsVilla by Liliane® in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, GP and therapy practices 2023



by Liliane Limpens December 22, 2023


"At our Jong outpatient clinic in Leiden, children with various problems can now play in their own world with the DollsVilla by Liliane®. Our care professionals use this villa for child-friendly communication, for observation and to support diagnosis and treatment. We are very happy with it, it is being used extensively!" - Mental health clinic for children with autism GGZ Rivierduinen Jong Leiden.

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GGZ Rivierduinen Autism is a diagnostics and treatment center. The assistance is aimed at children and (young) adults with autism and at the people in their immediate environment. The autism center contributes to the development of new treatment modules and practice-oriented scientific research.


By St. Anna Ziekenhuis Geldrop on Facebook Nov 24 2023  


The team of the Medical Psychologists outpatient clinic of St. Anna Hospital Geldrop:

"Sometimes it is nicer to show something than to tell it directly. That is why we are so very happy with this wonderful DollsVilla."


"Our medical psychology department notices every day that playing with this dollhouse helps. Through play, for example, children tell us what they are afraid of or prepare for an operation."

#dollsvilla #roleplay #diagnostics #childpsychology

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by Liliane Limpens November 24, 2023


Pff... the Petes almost lifted themselves when they placed 7 DollsVilla's of 61 kg on pallets. Saint Nicholas had requested this from the headpete, the wish of the children within Jeugd GGZ has been honored! The villas are ready for departure to Arnhem, Apeldoorn, Harderwijk, Kampen, Steenwijk and Zwolle [2]. And they will be there in plenty of time before December 5.


The Dutch Jeugd GGZ offers outpatient specialized mental health care for children and young people from -9 months to 18 years and consists of diagnosis and treatment if there is a suspicion of psychiatric problems. Work is carried out across the full spectrum of complex specialized mental health care and with four specific areas of focus: Complex Trauma, Early Childhood Mental Health, Transition Psychiatry and Contextual Treatment.


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by Liliane Limpens October 25, 2023


Children with autism who are being treated at the Leo Kannerhuis Arnhem and Amsterdam are looking forward to the DollsVilla's arriving this week!


The Children's Treatment Center Arnhem and the Amsterdam Outpatient Clinic offer specialized treatments for children with autism and other psychiatric and behavioral problems; if there is stagnation in the current treatment aimed at autism spectrum disorder and comorbid disorders and questions surrounding guidance, treatment and diagnosis.

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by Liliane Limpens September 30, 2023


Four locations with Infant Mental Health teams from Youz [Parnassia group] recently have the DollsVilla. The villas are used for communication and observation, and support diagnostics and treatments. From their position in the waiting rooms they roll to the treatment rooms, and vice versa. Children are happy with this home for cars and big dolls, their own favorite children!


“How beautiful the villa is! It is a great success on location in Zoetermeer. A client immediately pointed out that the villa is bigger than herself and she therefore does not have to bend over. My colleagues are also full of praise for the materials and the sturdiness. We and our clients are going to have a lot of fun with this!” - Gerdina Hogenboom-Droog Orthopedagogue-generalist Youz Zoetermeer.


"The Infant Mental Health team at Carel Reinierszkade The Hague is also very happy with this, the DollsVilla is admired by many children and their parents." - Lisa Numann, psychotherapist BIG, Infant Mental Health Specialst DAIMH, Rino Group.


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by Liliane Limpens September 7, 2023


Roman Pechaczek, child and adolescent psychiatrist at the expertise center Regional Autism Center: "The DollsVilla is used for systemic intervention, ACT treatments [Acceptance and Commitment Therapy], used playfully in diagnostics and sometimes it is also just played with because it's fun!" .

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The Regional Autism Center is the umbrella name of four organizations under one roof. All specialized in autism.




by Liliane Limpens August 29, 2023


Mental Health Caribbean Bonaire, team Child & Youth, is looking forward to the arrival of the DollsVilla, now 2 weeks sailing in a container ship to the Caribbean Netherlands [Kralendijk]. MHC is a member of the Dutch Knowledge Center for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.


MHC provides mental health care for children and adolescents on Saba and St. Eustatius as well as on Bonaire. On the 'Windward Islands', this is possible with the deployment of a child and adolescent psychiatrist, a health care psychologist and [social psychiatric] nurses.


On Bonaire, care has recently been expanded with a large team and a brand new treatment center, called 'Hi-5'. The care consists of outpatient diagnostics, treatment and supervision of children and young people with a psychiatric or psychological vulnerability or problem, and their family. The DollsVilla will contribute to this.


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by Liliane Limpens August 12, 2023


The Dutch ARQ National Psychotrauma Center provides care for adults and children with complex psychotrauma complaints through screening, diagnosis and treatment.


"Two therapists have decorated the DollsVilla with enthusiasm and pleasure, with the furniture, cuddly toys, toy animals, cars and a train [on the ramp]. In the course of the day our patients came and one of these therapists said: "The dollhouse is a BIG success! The children who came today really liked it (their mothers too, by the way). So nice to see them enjoying it." - Cri-cri Gouw, manager ARQ Centrum '45 Child and Family ambulatory.


“The DollsVilla not only looks great in our waiting room. Played super nicely this week, stretched out on the stomach and on the knees with a three-year-old girl and her parents. What a joy 🤸🤸🤸 Girl blooms with her parents, sister and brother from experiences like this....... playing together with parents in a relaxed setting, while experiencing so much stress for years. I wish them very much that they can continue this in the AZC when family admission is over.” - Heleen Koppelaar, GZ psychologist and remedial educationalist ARQ.


 “Great, that is giving life 💛” - Annemarije Sjoerdsma, redacteur online platform Traumanet.


To house their most important emotions.

ARQ has all psychotrauma expertise under one roof and is therefore unique in the world. Other tasks include preventive support and advice, scientific research into psychotrauma and providing education and training to professionals and organisations. In addition, since the Second World War, ARQ has been advising organizations and government on the organization of care for those affected, with a focus on innovation worldwide.




by Liliane Limpens August 10, 2023


In collaboration with various hospitals, Revalidation Friesland provides clinical and outpatient rehabilitation at ten locations. At the Lyndenstein location in the municipality of Opsterland, revalidating children can play from tomorrow and at the same time perform movement exercises with the DollsVilla.


Rehabilitation Friesland rehabilitates children who need medical specialist rehabilitation, because they are limited in their daily functioning and are inhibited in their development. This takes place in Friesland at two locations. In Beetsterzwaag there is a clinic for children up to ± 18 years and a large outpatient clinic. In addition, there is a Therapeutic toddler group [TPG], where children aged 1˝ to 4 years come for two half-days and are treated in a playful way for an entire morning. Leeuwarden also has an outpatient department for children, where young children are treated four days a week.


In the care of children with [temporary and/or multiple] disabilities, the gender-neutral DollsVilla supports, among other things, the work of orthopedagogues, rehabilitation experts, speech therapists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. The mobile villa at child height and the handy size of the furniture are therefore suitable for play by children with less refined motor skills.

To house their most important emotions.

Lyndenstein [1821] was designed by Abraham Bruinsmain. In 1905 the house was given the following objective: 'The free admission of sick, disabled or needy minor children.' From 1915 it functioned as a children's sanatorium for young tuberculosis patients. In 1958 it was decided to convert the children's hospital into a rehabilitation center for children. In 1962, the Lyndensteyn School was also opened, a tyltyl school for special and secondary special education for children aged 4-21 who are multiple disabled and a mytyl school for children with a physical disability or who are long-term ill.



by Urszula Turyna July 17, 2023


"I represent the Association of Children's Psychotherapists Donald Winicott from Kraków, Poland. We are psychotherapists working with children. We support children after trauma, currently also after war trauma in Ukraine."


"We run therapeutic camps for parents with young children and work to develop psychotherapy for children in Poland. As part of these activities, we have created a scientific and preventive project under which we will examine children using a house. When I saw your dollhouse, I thought it was perfect for this purpose. I would love to buy it and that's why I am writing to ask if shipping to Poland is possible."


"Our research focus is on mother-child bonds among mothers after deprivation. I would also like to study the effectiveness of psychodynamic psychotherapy in children."


Urszula Turyna - Ośrodek Psychoterapii Mały Książę  and the Association of Children's Psychotherapists Donald Winicott

To house their most important emotions.

by Liliane Limpens May 23, 2023


Three DollsVilla's left today for the outpatient treatment centers of GGZ Westelijk Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands [Dutch centers for mental health care]. In the two play/treatment rooms in Bergen op Zoom and Roosendaal, they will support the work of psycho- and play therapists, healthcare and clinical psychologists. For young children.


A DollsVilla will also try to show its value in the intensive part-time treatment. 'Part-time' means that the children live at home, attend their own school and receive treatment at GGZ WNB two days a week [during school hours].


The children may have developmental problems and/or psychiatric problems that get stuck in several areas [home, school, free time]. Parents follow parent-child therapy and system therapy at the location of the part-time treatment.

To house their most important emotions.

by Liliane Limpens April 25, 2023


"The house is loved! Small children even want to crawl into it, we have experienced that several times. At GGZ poli Hoorn, the DollsVilla has been given a prominent place in the middle of the waiting room. Child therapist: "Every time I pick up a client from the waiting room, they play along" #beautifulfunction.

Infant Mental Health team, Astrid Schipper, management consultant GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord Jeugd & Gezin.
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by Liliane Limpens March 25, 2023




And now it is the turn of the Doetinchem hospital Slingeland to use the DollsVilla for its work in paediatrics!


The DollsVilla on wheels, with foot brakes, can be easily moved from the pediatric ward to the outpatient clinic and to the playroom and even to a child's hospital room! Thanks to the height, the child can play with the villa from bed.

To house their most important emotions.

by Liliane Limpens February 20, 2023




The medical pedagogical care providers of the Pediatrics departments of the Treant Scheper hospital Emmen and of the Treant Bethesda hospital in Hoogeveen are starting the use of the DollsVilla with verve.


The gender-neutral DollsVilla stimulates communication between child and adult[s] in healthcare and contributes to observation, diagnosis and treatment.

To house their most important emotions.

by Liliane Limpens January 31, 2023




And that's where the 12th Economic Mission of DollsVilla Global BV presents itself, this time to Lille, in the Northern French region of Hauts-de-France [April 3-5, 2023].


Participants are Dutch high-tech entrepreneurs in the automotive, life sciences & health and food sectors. The high-end DollsVilla by Liliane® will focus on an entrance into the Pediatrics and Psychology departments of French hospitals. By far the majority of Dutch hospitals can show France how effective the use of the DollsVilla is in health care, for the communication with children, for child observation and to support diagnosis and treatment.


Liesje Schreinemacher, the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, is leading this mission.

To house their most important emotions.

by Liliane Limpens January 25, 2023




After the world was locked down for a long time, preparations have now started for a renewed export push from the DollsVilla to Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.


As a result of trade missions in 2002 and 2010, the Danish school suppliers Leika and Legeakademiet started selling the DollsVilla to nurseries and schools. The Astrid Lindgren's Children's Hospital Stockholm was the first hospital in the world to purchase a DollsVilla for professional therapy support for sick children.


The Astrid Lindgrens Children's Hospital: "Seriously sick children, we observed, do not look at other people, but usually at the floor. For many years we had been looking for something that could stimulate contact between children. The Dutch DollsVilla by Liliane® is exactly what we needed."


by Liliane Limpens, January 6, 2023




In the care of children with [temporary, multiple] disabilities, the [gender neutral] DollsVilla supports the work of teachers, remedial educationalists, rehabilitation experts, speech therapists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. The mobile villa at child height and the handy size of the furniture are therefore suitable for play by children with less refined motor skills.

Jikke de Vries, Rehabilitation Medicine Northwest Hospital Group Den Helder 6 January 2023:

"We have now received the DollsVilla. Truly a villa, but oh dear….. what a job to put it together. Together with colleague Joyce I have been busy for hours, and it is almost finished. Next week just confirm the last things and then it is ready for use."


"The DollsVilla is really super beautiful. The reactions are also really nice! Joyce and I have now received the title Buurman en Buurman [Dutch children's television program, red.], and we hear many admiring sounds about the high-quality building construction, which is turning out to be a luxurious villa. The children I'm sure they'll love playing with it."


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