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DollsVilla by Liliane® in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, GP and therapy practices 2016


by Liliane Limpens December 11, 2016


Sargood on Collaroy | Royal Rehab Centre Sydney Australia




A DollsVilla by Liliane®  proves its services in the new Sargood on Collaroy Resort, which will be operated by Royal Rehab. The acquisition of the DollsVilla is a result of the Royal Dutch Trade Mission 2016 to Australia and New Zealand.


"Very happy with the DollsVilla!" - Delia Gray director of Allied Health Royal Rehab and general manager of Sargood | December 10, 2016.


"The villa is still here and much loved by the guests and their children." James Dakin, resort manager Sargood on Collaroy | December 9, 2020.


Royal Rehab - the Rehabilitation & Disability Support Network -   provides specialist rehabilitation and disability services for people who’ve acquired a disability or impairment through trauma, accident or illness. Royal Rehab offers on-site and at-home rehabilitation for brain and spinal cord injury and other complex, long term health needs. The Royal Rehab is a teaching hospital of the University of Sydney and the University of Western Sydney, training specialists and undertaking research in rehabilitation.


Sargood is a sea-side resort where families can simply come to unwind, in a fully accessible and supported environment. The vision of Sargood on Collaroy is that it will be a  place to refresh, learn and connect and stay with your family whilst adjusting to home, work and community life following spinal injury. Sargood on Collaroy aims to be a world recognised resort for people living with spinal injury.



by Liliane Limpens




Doctor Swaans is a general practitioner with a practice in Bunde, the Netherlands: "Ever since we put the DollsVilla by Liliane® in my waiting room, I have been able to spend more quality time with my adult patients. Their children simply prefer to keep playing with the villa! They even beg to be brought back for another visit. I also regularly find fathers, mothers and grandparents crouching around the villa. This product really helps create a relaxed atmosphere at my practice."



by Liliane Limpens December 1, 2016


Donation by the Euregional Foundation Golf & Humor




"Fantastic time! Donation of the DollsVilla to the Children's Clinic of the Maastricht UMC+ [Maastricht University Hospital]" - Erik Meijer | President of the Foundation Golf & Humor.


Erik Meijer and Roberto Lanckohr roll the
DollsVilla to the treatment room of MUMC+


"Children at the clinic no longer want to play with the small dollhouse on the table in my workspace, they always want to go to the treatment room with the DollsVilla by Liliane®! They point always there." - Child Psychologist Sarah Haverbeke | MUMC+.

Maastricht University Medical Center MUMC+ | Prof. Dr. Jim van Os, Head of the Department Psychiatry:  

“The departments Psychiatry and Psychology uses the DollsVilla by Liliane® for the observation of the child and the parent - child interaction. And for the processing of hospitalization and any traumatic experiences which are related to the hospital.”


From left to right Roberto Lanckohr | Sarah Haverbeke |
Lilian Limpens | Erik Meijer | Aim
ée Bogman | Liliane Limpens


Golf & Humor donated on November 29, also a DollsVilla by Liliane® to the University Hospital Aachen | Department of Child Psychiatry | the new 'Kind und Eltern Zentrum'.


Uniklinik Aachen | Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy, director and chair Professor Dr. Beate Herpertz-Dahlmann:


"A new building for a combined toddlers´ / parents´ ward is just under construction and will be opened next spring. The DollsVilla by Liliane® will be used for the joy of the children and for the observation of their interaction."



by Liliane Limpens April 8, 2016


Trauma, dissociation and effect dysregulation across the life-span






Five hundred trauma psychologists and psychiatrists from Europe and beyond meet next week in Amsterdam. They exchange views on "Trauma, dissociation and affect dysregulation across the life-span". During the first Dutch meeting of the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation | by Annemiek van Dijke.


The DollsVilla by Liliane® is present at the conference. The villa is used inter alia in Poland as an research-observation tool for traumatized children at the Psychology Faculty University SWPS.


Amsterdam Beurs van Berlage 14 – 16 april 2016.


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