DollsVilla by Liliane® at Home


At home, the Villa is not only fun for the whole family, but it is educational for parents. By listening to their children’s stories and watching their movements, children’s developmental phases emerge.




by Liliane Limpens August 22, 2017




Today two samples of the DollsVilla by Liliane® start their journey to private customers in Tallinn Estonia and in Hong Kong. #ParentsInLove



by Olive Bell | January 27, 2017


Moon Picnic Walnut USA | Design shop for Kids


American consumers, especially working mommies, can now finally buy a DollsVilla by Liliane® at home.


The new USA and UK online-shop Moon Picnic - design shop for creative kids: "We'd be very happy to be a stockist in the US and promote it through our blogs and social media. We love the DollsVilla by Liliane®! I think many US customers feel a lot more comfortable with domestic shipping. We look forward to introducing your amazing dollhouse to our audience."


Moon Picnic: "If you're like us, as soon as you see this your heart will explode with a child's excitement, however old you are. Yes, we've finally found our favorite thing in the toy store (which of course happens to be the most expensive in there) and our parents won't get away easily this time as we hold on to the frame and won't let go!"


"You can easily imagine how thrilled we are and we can't wait to tell you all about it!"


"This DollsVilla by Liliane® was designed for large dolls and stuffed animals (children's children!) and 4-5 children can play together with enough room for everyone. In their own safe domain filled with all the features of modern living and stylish furniture just like their parents, they learn about pleasure, attachment and trust. This is a gift for the whole family and future generations too." 


"Browse the slideshow of impressive details and furniture and read more about the philisophy behind this in the words of the designer Liliane Limpens on our product page."





by Liliane Limpens




"The villa is a big success!! Our daughter was given it for her 3rd birthday. At her birthday party I think every mom asked me about the villa. We are also now the favourite house for play dates as all the girls want to come over and play with the DollsVilla by Liliane®.


The villa is an amazing dolls house and we are very happy with it. Our daughter can play with it for hours [meaning I can get some work done]. We were also very impressed with the quality [when we were assembling it]. It was a whole evening's work, but fun and impressive.


I think the villas should be seen as much as possible. As I said all the moms who have seen it, love it. Stores could have the villa with a clear advertisement of what it is.


I know that I often go to a well-known quality shop in Amsterdam-south for children's clothes. Liz plays with the DollsVilla by Liliane® there so I can take my time and look around. She doesn't want to leave the store because she wants to play longer. I therefore spend more time in the shop and eventually buy something I wasn't planning to just because my child was happily playing and I had the time to look around. You benefit because I - like other people - fall in love with the DollsVilla by Liliane®. But having said this, the villa is an upper segment product, so its budget is for a select group of clientele.


Thank you again for the good service and fantastic product. I think this DollsVilla by Liliane® will stay with us for many many years, if not generations."



by AMC  Blog | May 4, 2016


Blog US Florida


Create The Perfect Mood With Accent Colors







One of the easiest ways to liven up your home is with accent colors and matching accent decorations. Accent colors are used to help give a room a pop, to blend the color scheme together, and most importantly, to decide the mood of the entire room.


Using accent colors is about two things: choosing a mood that you want to provoke and choosing where you want the attention of your guests to be drawn to.


In the above picture, the homeowners chose red and pink to give the room a playful and energetic vibe by picking two pink and red decorative toys. These color choices enhance the clean strong lines of the room while also inviting kids to come play. This type of subtle invitation can be done with small accent items such as picture frames and pillows.




Photo Credit Liliane Limpens



by Angie Hanke | October 28, 2015




Babyology Australia:


Modern finds for hip kids & parents








A doll house like no other, the child-size DollsVilla by Liliane® has been designed by Dutch interior designer Liliane Limpens to give children a place to get completely lost in thought and play. More than just a striking play item for the home though, it’s proving invaluable in hotels, child care centres, child psychology clinics and even emergency shelters.


The DollsVilla by Liliane® has a stylish interior to rival any real designer home, exposed shelving for easy play and, believe it or not, a car ramp. It comes equipped with furniture to fit 30-centimetre-high dolls like Barbie and is available in two sizes – one for two and three-year-olds and one for ages four to six.


The house is made from birch plywood, solid beech wood, stainless steel and plexiglass. Liliane’s intention with the use of wood was to help children develop a connection with the earth, and an early understanding of sustainability as a concept. She used transparent varnish to ensure the house’s natural colouring is a calming addition to any room.


Other than for play, Liliane sees the DollsVilla by Liliane® as a chance for parents to learn about their children’s development as they watch them move about and make up stories based around the dolls and the house.


Her desire was to give children their own dream haven but she had special intentions for public places too. Used in a hotel lobby, it allows children to play and communicate, regardless of what language they speak. In child care centres it encourages group play and in psychology clinics, it can be (and has been) used to facilitate contact with children, make diagnoses and even as a form of treatment.


Perhaps its most important use though, is in emergency shelters where it contributes to a warmer living atmosphere for disadvantaged children.


To purchase the remarkable DollsVilla by Liliane® outside of Europe, you need to visit the DollsVilla by Liliane® Webshop and email your request directly to the company. The large house costs €1614 (including furniture and linen) and the small one costs €898. Full house specifications are also available via the link.


Reanne Jones | Australia: "DollsVilla by Liliane® blows the others out of the water!".


Ashleigh Jane | Australia: "I may be saving a very long time if Grace were to ever get anything this fancy!".


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by The Mom | Prêt à Pregnant July 15, 2015








"This is not a normal dollhouse… no it’s a villa and we absolutely love it."


After the exciting presentation of the DollsVilla by Liliane® at the prestigious Kids Design fair at Superstudio Milan the Dolls House arrived back home in the Netherlands. During De Kleine Fabriek the villa was showed to the Dutch audience for the first time.


The DollsVilla by Liliane® is much more than a normal dollhouse. The Villa is specially designed for dolls that are one foot tall. Children prefer dolls this size, just like Barbie and other 30-centimetres tall stuffed animals and toys. Because there wasn't a sustainable home for these size dolls, power women Liliane Limpens decided to create this Villa.


The Villa also comes with a message. If the dolls, which your children see as their own children, live in a strong and safe house than the 'parents' [your kids] will also sleep more sound. In the Villa it's the kids who decide everything when it comes to values, standards, perspective and freedoms. The villa encourages the play by touching the children's creativity and fantasy whilst practicing their social manners.


The Villa is child-height and made from sturdy, quality materials such as birch plywood, solid beech wood and stainless steel. The open design encourages interaction and free play for up to 6 children at the same time. The house comes in two models, each complete with designer furniture including a car ramp, beds, storage drawers and kitchen and bathroom appliances.


The Villa is already a much-loved item at day care centers and primary schools across Europe and the Villa is used by universities who research how play therapists, child psychiatrists and psychologists can use the Villa to help children who suffer from trauma.


by Liliane Limpens August  6,  

Butterfly Occasions UK




It’s a special villa for the 21st century and children and parents are going to absolutely love its ability to keep everyone entertained. It’s strong, durable, mobile and made from sustainable materials for those who care about the environment. You can watch your children develop their communication and fine motor skills and listen to them as they creative their own imaginative world.


Playing in the DollsVilla by Liliane® is a quality time with your children while you encourage them to engage, communicate, speak, count and show all the lovely items in the super DollsVilla by Liliane®.


by Liliane Limpens May 16,  
Among the world's dolls houses  

Guido Tielman, Dutch consul-general in the economically expanding city of Chongqing [31 million inhabitants], selected LILIANE BV from among approximately 200 Dutch international enterprises as the one with the greatest sales potential in China by far: “I am very impressed by the DollsVilla by Liliane®.” Tielman is sounding out the potential of bringing the DollsVilla by Liliane® to the children of China at the Wereldveroveraars conference for conquerors of the world on 13 May 2014.


Tielman: “The DollsVilla by Liliane® has tremendous sales potential in China. Here’s an anecdote to illustrate this. I live in a hotel in Chongqing. I recently passed by a wedding reception in the hotel. Looking outside, I noticed that there were ten Ferraris at the hotel car park! What I want to say is that there are many people in China nowadays with serious money. My British colleague sells Bentleys and he told me that he sold eighty Bentleys in just four years’ time.”


“This is the Bentley! [pointing to the DollsVilla by Liliane® on the screen in the conference hall] The Dutch DollsVilla by Liliane® is the Bentley among the world’s dolls houses. The Chinese are very status-oriented. If you, as a parent, are able to buy a DollsVilla by Liliane®, you are a good parent.”


“Because of the one-child policy, parents only want the very best for their child. The last [marketing] element is that the Chinese wish to educate their child to the highest possible level and give it the best possible upbringing. Parents are anticipating on the importance of developing a child’s creative potential. The DollsVilla by Liliane® can contribute to this ideal.”



'Wereldveroveraars' is the Netherlands International entrepreneurial network.



by Fine Little Day




Elisabeth Dunker: "Birch plywood, stainless steel, transparent varnish, wheels... I wouldn't mind to play with this and the other fabulous, modern dollhouses made by LILIANE".


Marie: "Holy crud, I'm 30 and I want this for myself!".


Janis: "I'd like a reallly large version of that! What a fantastic dollhouse".


Vesle Serena: "Amazing! i would love one of that to play with my little T. [or by myself :))".


Agata: "Wowowowowo. Fantastic! Modern, beautiful details and materials..., love it. The Dutch are so good in design! ;-)".



by Liliane Limpens




Marlou Dreesen: "I did not want to buy plastic dolls' furniture for my children. What a relief that a product like this has finally been designed and made available on the market! My two sons and daughter spend many hours playing with the DollsVilla by Liliane®. The recreation space, at the bottom of the villa, doubles as a garage for cars and lorries."



by Hennie de Wit




The DollsVilla by Liliane® was the winner of the Dutch National Award for Innovative Designs. It was the first time in the 30 years of the Dutch Trade Mart that a toy had been awarded this prize.


Hennie de Wit, Children’s World category manager at the department stores: "The DollsVilla by Liliane® is perfect for our new Children’s World concept that we are setting up in our chain stores. Not only as an item to sell, but also as a gimmick in our children’s wear departments. We believe your product will contribute to the image we want to create for these departments".



by Flavourites




Founders Flavourites: "When we were little girls, we would dream of having a lovely doll's house. Liliane thinks bigger: she has come up with and made a huge DollsVilla by Liliane®. You really have to see it! The villa has even more rooms and furniture than our own house! In one word: fan-tas-tic! As many as 30 dolls can live in this sturdy, timber villa, and as many as six children can easily play with it for hours. And because our children play with the villa, LILIANE can provide sponsor support to women's shelters in the Netherlands. Ah yes, now we big girls have great dreams of a dolls' villa..."



by Vervoorn




Vervoorn, editor-in-chief of Kidzlifestyle: "As a mother and a products scout, I have seen many beautiful doll's houses. But when I first saw the DollsVilla by Liliane®, words simply failed me. It's just so stunning, so solid, so stylish. And so beautifully conceived. It comes as no surprise that it is also the winner of the National Award for Innovative Design. The size of the villa, as well as the beautifully finished spaces in the house really stimulate children - boys as well as girls - between the ages of 3 and 10 years old to play together and have fun. After all, there's nothing more inspiring than the recreation of 'everyday life'."



by Babygadget Brazil

Contemporary finds for modern tots  

"You know how it is, sometimes you're house-hunting, and however strict your budget, it just goes out the window when you see your dream property. Beware, then of the same phenomenon as it applies to dolls' houses. You may start browsing with a firm figure in mind, but when you see what is available at the top of the range, all that is forgotten.


Take the DollsVilla by Liliane®. The price is approximately ten times what you might expect to pay for such a thing. But take a look at it. It's huge. It's crafted from good-quality wood, by a respected designer. It comes with good intentions about being just as suitable for boys as girls [so, if you have one of each, you get double the use out of it...].


Well, the fact is that most of us will look at it, see the price, and move on, reluctantly or otherwise. But if you could stretch to this sort of money for a toy, the chances are, you just might."



by Liliane Limpens




Sterre en Tijl exclusive children's stores: "You won't believe the response we get to the DollsVilla by Liliane®, it's overwhelming! What's more, this product attracts a whole new clientele. Putting a DollsVilla by Liliane® in a store upgrades the entire range of products. This product alone is enough to lend the entire store a high-quality feel. The DollsVilla by Liliane® is the most beautiful and most sensational toy introduced in recent years."



by Winny Moscow




The children's megastore Winny Moscow: "All of the children of Russia would be crazy with delight if they could see the DollsVilla by Liliane®! These are the types of things people immediately fall in love with. This is about me and your villa."



by De Toermalijn Eindhoven




De Toermalijn wooden toy shop, Eindhoven: "The DollsVilla by Liliane® can also be used for traditional dolls and collector's items, such as dolls by Käthe Kruse. By including the villa in the range, the age limit of the target group using wooden toy shops has been extended from approximately 8 to 12 years old."



by Liliane Limpens






"TOTAL TOLL. Here we find an extraordinary, absolutely fantastic dolls' house. The superlatives apply: durable, extremely stable, versatile, flexible, as well as very practical. The villa is 120 cm wide, 60 cm deep and 124 cm high and is placed on four strong wheels with foot brakes, which enable the playhouse to be relocated quickly. Thus the play house can be moved rapidly.


Children can play at the same time on all 4 sides. The basic material is durable plywood and the roof is made of perforated stainless steel. This gives this DollsVilla by Liliane® a modern and timeless character. The separate components are numerous and are part of the complete villa, from the furniture to the kitchen to the splendid spiral stairs. The bathroom and kitchen units have perfect sinks and taps. The wardrobes have real mirrors and so much more. The three beds are supplied with bed linen. The playhouse can be used by dolls up 30 cm in height".



by Little Dreamers Ireland




Shop Little Dreamers Ireland:


"I am a huge admirer of your DollsVilla by Liliane®.  I saw it in a shop in Düsseldorf on one of my visits there during the year".



by Vinçon




The design warehouses Vinçon in Madrid and Barcelona have introduced the DollsVilla by Liliane® to the Spanish consumer-market:  "This is not just another dolls' house!"



by Liliane Limpens




Shop USA: "After reviewing your website and hearing amazing reviews about your products, we are very interested in offering your beautiful play houses in our boutique. We are a high-end retailer offering unique and extra-ordinary gifts for all occasions."


by Ohdeedoh July 15, 2010  

www.ohdeedoh.com: "Lots of parents are looking for a dolls' house this holiday season - something modern, gender-neutral and built to last. If money is no issue, we've found the perfect specimen - the DollsVilla by Dutch designer Liliane Limpens. We love the plywood and stainless steel details, and there are lots of details. Jump below for more pics [be forewarned that the next pic is X-rated!]."


by Liliane Limpens July  

TÜV testresults




The DollsVilla by Liliane® passed the research testing by TÜV Germany, according to the latest European and US standards for safety EN 71-1 | EN 71-2 | EN 71-3 | ASTM F 963-11.